Cold Days + Lockdown = Opportunity (Turning Lemons into Lemonade)

  • Jan 31, 2021

Ughhh!  The cold, dreary days of February.  That said, I must qualify that feeling with the fact that there's nothing better during a Canadian winter than a sunny day with fresh fallen snow.  Unfortunately, those seem to be too few and far between here, in southern Ontario.

So, when you take the cloudy cold winter days and mix in the harsh realities of a pandemic lockdown, it's hard to envision OPPORTUNITY.  But it is there ... IF you're able to put your mind to the long game strategy.  I know, its hard to think long term when so many businesses feel compelled to focus on the next sale fearing that without it, they don't even know if they'll have a future to worry about.

But if you have time, and I would argue that in lockdown we all have an unusual abundance of time at our disposal, then you need to make it work to your advantage.  Because truth be told, when we return to those busy days that we are so familiar with, we'll look back at this period as either an opportunity that we cashed in on, or an opportunity lost.

So for those of us with idle time, think 'long game'.  Implement marketing strategies that are designed to solidify your place, in the years to come.  Strategies that will:  strengthen and fortify your relationship with current customers, reconnect with former customers and engage with potential clients that quite frankly, you've just never 'had the time' to offer.  Well, now is that time.  And whether its connections with the current, lost or potential customers, a well thought out branded gift items is a strategic approach to personalize that outreach.  Think about it - think about the individual on the other end of this strategy.  He/she is feeling equally down and frustrated during this isolated period of time.  The receipt of a personalized 'thinking of you' gift  is not only going to be received with surprise and gratitude, a branded gift will serve as a reminder of your contact with them, during a difficult period of time.  And when we all rise from these dreary days and get back up to full production, who do you think these clients will consider first, when a product or service is required that you can provide?

The long game strategy.  It's one that's often overlooked in our busy day to day lives.  Well, maybe this cold and bitter lockdown has given us all a valuable window of opportunity.  Don't overlook it - act upon it.  Turn the lemon into lemonade.


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