Falling Leaves and Falling Forward

  • Sep 30, 2020

Well, it's hard to believe this summer is over.  So busy worrying about what to touch and maintaining social distance between each other, that we've had little time to really enjoy everything the summer season has to offer.  But not to fear - fall is here!  And what a beautiful season it can be.  Let's continue to be vigilant with our health management practices but let's also look at ways in our business practices to 'fall forward' and not to go return normal practices that may not prove effective.  After all, hasn't maintaining a healthy society and a robust economy been the tricky balance?

In order to move forward (in ways we never have before), we sometimes have to look at the challenge through the lens of someone who is 'starting from scratch'.  When you can reboot your mindset, you have the potential to look at business from perspectives never considered in the past.

Take for example, the online meeting platform known as 'Zoom'.  This online meeting concept has literally exploded and has transformed forever more, how we conduct meetings.  The pandemic environment has forced us to change how we get together and while it isn't what we're use to, for thing is for certain - pandemic or not - Zoom is here to stay!

At RKM Promotional, we've changed our product offering, largely as a result of the pandemic.  We're pleased to be offering a number of effective promotional products that are certain to be well received by your customers, a key to your effective branding strategy.  Here's a closer look at what RKM is doing to fall forward.



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