On COVID-19, Gratitude and Giving Back to Front-Line Workers

  • Apr 20, 2020

Well, the spring of 2020 will not be forgotten.

COVID-19 has damaged our individual and collective well being on several fronts. On the economic front, we know the effects this crisis will have on small businesses are largely undetermined, and yet they are being deeply felt. Anxiety and tension are common at this time. As is grief and loss.  From a healthcare perspective, we are deeply grateful for the tremendous support of our front line workers. 

At RKM Promotional, we've experienced an unprecedented level of 'down time'.  But as we were taught in business education, 'when given a lemon, make lemonade'. 

With this in mind,  RKM turned our minds and our hearts to the individuals that have anything but down time. We turned our attention to our healthcare workers. 

We wanted to do something for them - to reach out and say 'thank you for all that you are doing'.  Furthermore, we wanted this initiative to extend beyond RKM, to make it a message of thanks that came from our community as well as neighboring communities. This is the power of promotion and recognition - it's what we do. 

So, this is what transpired...

RKM Promotional reached out to our town (Kingsville) and presented our mayor with a concept, asking if the town would like to partner in our project .  The reply was an immediate, 'yes'.  RKM further suggested the neighboring communities of Leamington and Essex might like to get on board as well, and they too said 'yes'.

This week, on behalf of the residents of our three towns, RKM Promotional will present each of the 500+ employees at Erie Shores Health Care (Leamington Hospital) with #HeartsForHealthCare Bandannas. RKM is proud to be supplying the bandannas at cost and cooperatively sharing the expense with our local municipalities. 

Idle time is not something a small business wants to have on hand but we certainly understand the circumstances.  At the same time, we also recognize that you can't place a price on our collective health and well being.

Individually, we each need to do our part to stay safe and follow protocols.  This week, our communities have come together to say 'Thanks' - to those who risk their own well being for the well being of everyone else.  We're proud to be working collectively with our communities to express our sincere gratitude.

Be on the look out for these bandannas in our community, and be sure to express your gratitude. 

There are better days ahead and warmer weather is on the horizon.  Take care of yourself - and let's take care of each other.



If you, or your organization would like to engage in a similar initiative, we'd be happy to support your goals, by offering our ideas.

CONTACT US today - we'd be happy to assist.






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